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So… who are the CookingQueens actually? Read our personal story here!


A better mommy is not possible! A funny, sweet and caring mommy who is a cabin attendant for KLM already 28 years. Hobbies are not difficult to guess, cooking, baking and besides that she can play golf very well! She loves to have friends and family around to enjoy a cup of coffee or a dinner.

25 years ago she married an Italian man, so she got a real Italian Nonna for free! She loved to help Nonna in the kitchen with preparing pasta's and salads and the famous 'nonna's meat'/'nonna's vleesie'. More about that later…

She and her daughter have a close relationship and having a shared hobby and same hospitable and caring mindset results in a lot of happy moments together. They have close contact almost daily and sharing the 'kitchen' knowledge make sure they both help each other to be a better chef.


A graduated Hotel Management School student from the Hotel-School Stenden in Leeuwarden, and currently a Hospitality and Service Management Masters student. Being a full-time students keeps her busy, next to a very social life including organizing dinners, lunches and other parties for her friends on a regular basis.

Her love for cooking she definitely got from her mom. Helping her in the kitchen she enjoyed doing already for a very long time. As Mommy looked at Nonna her skills, Daughter took it over from Mommy and will learn it for sure to her kids in the future..

When she moved out and started to life by herself, she called her Mommy almost every day for cooking advise, talking on the phone during supermarket visits was a regular activity, to make sure she could cook the same nice dishes as mommy always did. Now, they call each other and are the roles sometimes the other way around!