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Easy Tom Ka Gai soup

This soup was on Daughters to cook list for a long time. For a first time I wanted to taste the flavors and therefore I used the Tom Ka paste from Fairtrade and added the fresh ingredients. This was so yummie that this recipe deserves a spot on our website.



The soup

Tom Ka paste from Fairtrade original 1x
Mushrooms 250 gr
Chicken  250 gr
Water 400 ml
Coconut milk 250 ml
Spring onion 3 sticks
Lime 1
Naan bread 1

Preparation Process

Cut the chicken in small pieces and fry it in a pan with the paste for a few minutes. Add the mushrooms and stir well. Then add the water, coconut milk and the spring onion and let it simmer for 15 minutes. 

Put the naan bread into the oven according to the package or bake it yourself with the help of this recipe: 

Serve the soup with some extra spring onion and lime juice. 

Tips and variations

You can also add some coriander on top!

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