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Basic Vanilla Waffles

Daughter wanted a waffle machine already for a long time. Mommy knew this and when she saw a super cute green machine at the store the bought it for Daughter! Since then, Daughter is experimenting with waffles and she is happy about this basic recipe, so therefore we share it with you!



The Waffle Dough

Flour 160 gr
Almond milk 160 ml
Sugar 1 spoon
Vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
Baking powder 1 teaspoon
Sunflowe oil 3 spoons
Eggs 1
Salt A pinch
Fresh fruit  
Powdered sugar  

Preparation Process

Mix the dry ingredients with each other and add then the milk, egg, oil and vanilla extract. Mix this with a kitchen machine for +- 3 minutes. 

Make sure your waffle machine is hot. Pour some mixture in the machine and let it in the machine for 4/5 minutes until they get a little brown.

Serve the waffles with some fresh fruit and powdered sugar.

Tips and variations

The taste of this waffle is a bit basic and therefore perfect to make sweet or savory waffles. You can add everything on top!

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