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Chocolate Oreo cake

As we are selected as a Top Member for Pauline (uit paulines keuken) The last assignment is to prepare one of the cakes from her cake packages and do something creative with that. 

Therefore we choose to prepare the chocolate cake package and we baked this cake on a Oreo cookie layer and used a drizzle of white chocolate. Next to that we also corned oranges. 



White chocolate topping and cookie layer

White chocolate  125 gr
Powdered sugar 100 gr
Butter 60 gr
Water  4 spoons
Oreo cookies 100 gr

Preserved (confijten) Oranges

Oranges 4
Water 175 ml
Salt 1 teaspoon
Sugar 500 gr

Preparation Process


Melt the chocolate au bain marie and add the powdered sugar piece by piece. When the sugar is melted, add the butter in pieces as well as the water. Keep stirring during the whole process. 

The Oranges:

Peel the oranges, make sure you get as less as possible from the white of the orange as this is bitter. Cut the zest in strips. Put the strips in a pan and add the water and salt, let it boil for 1 minutes. Do this again only without the salt and let it boil again for 1 minute. Then put the oranges in a sieve. Take another pan and take the 175 ml water and sugar let this boil till you get a syrup. Keep this pan closed to no water can evaporate. Add the oranges and let it like this for 24 hours. 

After this, boil the oranges one last time and then remove the oranges from the syrup and put them in a clean pot. 

The Oreo cookie layer.

Take 100 gr of Oreo cookies, let it crumble in a blender and put it on top of the cake. 

Tips and variations

You can also use lemons instead of oranges. Or another cookie type. 

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