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Let's be honest, a more typical Italian dessert does not exist. This is for sure our signature dessert and a favorite to prepare for our family and friends. They are kind of expecting tiramisu during the family occasions like Christmas, so we know what to do in December again..



Whipped cream 250gr
Mascarpone 250 gr
Eggyolks 2
Eggwhites 2
Cacao powder 1 spoon
Powdered sugar 3 spoons
Coffee 3 strong coffee's
Finger biscuits (langevingers) +- 30
Amaretto 1 shot

Preparation Process

Put the egg yolks and the powdered sugar in a bowl and warm it au-bain-marie. Mix the cream until it is thick. When the eggs yolk and powdered sugar are hot, add it with the mascarpone and stir, then add the whipped cream and mix it all together with a kitchen machine. Mix the egg whites until it is airy and almost 'meringue'. Stir the egg whites slowly into the mascarpone mix.

Prepare the coffee and add the amaretto into it. Put the finger biscuits into the coffee mix and place it in a oven dish. When you have one full layer of biscuits, add the cream on top of it. Then make another layer with the soaked biscuits and cream. On top put some cacao powder.

Leave it in the fridge for at least 5 hours before consuming. It is a good idea to prepare tiramisu one day before you need it.

Tips and variations

  • Prepare 1 day before consuming to make sure you can cut nice pieces
  • Really make sure you warm the eggs properly, but keep moving it otherwise you will have an omelet 😉

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