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Green smoothie

When me (daughter) and my brother were younger. Mommy prepared almost daily a smoothie for us. We did not likes the green ones as we preferred the red ones with strawberries etc. Mommy always told us that the green color is from kiwi instead of spinach, otherwise we didn’t want to drink it! Haha!

This green smoothie is super tasty and healthy. For an extra detox effect you can add cucumber. 



The juice

Spinach 2 big hands
Apple 2
Celery 2 sticks
Lemon 1
ginger 2 cm

Preparation Process

Take of the zest of the apple, ginger and lemon and put all the veggies and fruits in a juicer. 

Enjoy it with some extra lemon or fresh mint and ice cubes

Tips and variations

You can also add cucumber or orange juice. 

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