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Dutch ‘Stoofpeertjes’

Stoofpeertjes! A typical Dutch way of preparing pears. A lot of people know that this is normally done with red wine, but did you know that it is also tasty when you use white wine? We used both this time! Stoofpeetjes are nice as a dessert or side dish.

Have a look on the bottom of this page to see our dessert suggestions!



Pears (for 8 red and 8 white pears)

Cinnamon sticks 2
Star anise 4
Clove (kruidnagel) 2
Red wine 250 ml
White wine 250
Fresh ginger 3 cm
Sugar 6 spoons
Pears 16

Preparation Process

White pears:

Peal the pears and leave the stick on the pear. Heat up the wine and sugar until the sugar is melted. Peal the ginger and add together with 1 cinnamon stick and 2 star anise into the wine. Add the pears and some water and let it cook for 1 hour.

Red pears:

Do the same only use red wine.

Tips and variations

Do you want to prepare this without wine, then use:

  • White grape juice
  • Red berries juice

Dessert idea:

  • Serve the peas with some vanilla ice and fruit.
  • Serve with some vanilla cake and ice cream
  • You can also put the pears into a cake or on top of a pie.

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