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Potato Shakshuka

It’s Monday again, which means that we will provide you a meatless dish! Our previous shakshuka’s were super popular so we will provide you with another great variation with potato’s. This one is a bit more saturated so a perfect choice for dinner!



The Shakshuka (2pax)

Baby potato’s 8
Paprika’s 3 (different colors)
Tomato’s  1 whole bunch
Eggs 4
Goat cheese 4 sheets
Parsley A bunch
Salt and Pepper  
Olive oil  

Preparation Process

Cook the baby potato’s for a 5 minutes. Cut all the paprika’s in pieces and the tomato’s as well. Take a pan and fry the paprika’s in some olive oil. Add the tomato’s, potato’s. 

Make small holes into the vegetables and break the eggs. Put some salt, pepper and parsley on top. Take small pieces of the goat cheese and add on top as well. 

Let it all simmer until the eggs are cooked. 

Tips and variations

When you do not want this vegetarian option, add some chorizo!  

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