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If we don’t know what to make for dinner, 9/10 times we choose for a risotto. The main reason for this is  because we always have the ingredients at home, and you can combine it  with everything! We both love to come up with different variations and we tried already so much!

A lot of people don’t know how to prepare risotto. Don’t be scared! This dish takes maybe more time than a simple pasta, but when you know how to prepare this, it is super simple!

Below we explain the basics of risotto. In the variations you can read several types of option.


Risotto (2pax)

Risotto rice 1 cup
(Vegetable)Stock 1.5 cube
Shallot 1
Parmesan cheese  
Butter 10 gr
White wine A dash

Preparation Process

Cut the shallot in very small pieces and fry it in extra vergine olive oil. After 2 minutes add the risotto rice in the pan and stir for a few times, then add some white wine to cool it down. Immediately after that add some (hot) stock into the pan. Keep adding the stock piece by piece and stir for approximately 25 minutes. When ready, add some Parmesan cheese and a bit of butter into the risotto to make it more creamy.


Cut the fennel and asparagus into pieces and fry it in some olive oil together with some salt and pepper. When ready add to the risotto.

Put some pesto on top of the risotto for a tasteful final touch

Tips and variations

Risotto can be made with everything you like! Some examples of variations we enjoy preparing a lot:

  • Green asparagus – mushroom 
  • Fennel – tomato – codfish
  • Spinach – mozzarella – pesto
  • Mint – chorizo – peas (cut the chorizo in small pieces and fry it until crunchy)
  • Shrimps – fennel – tomato
  • Pesto – Spinach – Fennel

For all variations: Cut the vegetables in pieces and fry it in another pan, when they are ready you can add it in the risotto (risotto also needs to be ready)

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