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Vegetarian salad


This salad is a delicious lunch or dinner meal when you do not eat any meat or when you just like healthy food and salads 🙂

When you eat this as a dinner, maybe double the ingredients or take some bread with it. 



The Salad (take as much of those ingredients as you prefer)

Radish 3
Carrot 1
Roman Lettuce Hand full
Beetroot 1
Pumpkin seeds Hand full

The Dressing

Salt en Pepper Pinch
Olive oil 3 spoons
Crema di Balsamic oil 1 spoon

Preparation Process

Cut all the ingredients in pieces and put it nicely in a bowl. 

For dressing: mix all together and put in op top of the salad.

Tips and variations

Also nice with:

  • Tomato’s
  • Spinach
  • Fennel

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