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Healthy Pumpkin Salad

Sometimes I am really struggling with choosing a healthy and tasteful lunch. I don't like to eat 'normal' salads as I do not like to eat this kind of 'leaves'..  To have more tasteful salad, you can try this pumpkin salad!



Spinach Big hand of leaves
Pumpkin 100 gr
Apple 1
chickpeas What you prefer
Onion 1/2 onion
Salt/Pepper Pinch
Freshly backed bread 2 slices

Preparation Process

Cut the pumpkin, apple and onion in small pieces. Place the spinach, chickpeas, apple, pumpkin, and onion into a bowl and top it off with salt, pepper and some extra vergine olive oil. If you can make fresh bread, do it! If not, choose a thick fresh multigrain bread from the bakery.

Tips and variations

The variations for this dish are endless! Choose your own salad or fruit.

Rocket salad and tomatoes are a good addition / change in this version.

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