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Pumpkin Hummus

October is the ideal period to work with pumpkin and therefore we made this pumpkin hummus. A delicious healthy product which is lovely to eat with bread or on wraps. Mommy is a big fan of this one and eats hummus regularly for lunch!

Are you a hummus fan as well?



The hummus

Pumpkin in small pieces 400 gr
Chickpeas 150 gr
Garlic clove 1
Tahin 1 teaspoon
Paprika powder 1 teaspoon
Rosemary 1 teaspoon
Olive oil 1 spoon
Salt and pepper  

Preparation Process

Take a oven tray and divide the pumpkin pieces equally. Add some olive oil and salt and pepper on top of the pumpkin. Bake the pumpkin 25 minutes on 200 degrees.

Let the chickpeas drain out the water and put them in a kitchen machine like a blender. Add the pumpkin, paprika powder, rosemary and tahin. Mix until you have a smooth texture. Add a big spoon of olive oil and stir to make it a little bit more smooth. 

Tips and variations

You can keep the hummus in a jar for a few days.

It is delicious with toast, wraps or to dip in some veggies!

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