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Avocado toast

We love to eat healthy and delicious lunches together. It is nice to take some time to eat your lunch and to relax a bit during a busy day.

This avocado toast with salmon is a delicious and beautiful dish to serve for a lunch or to prepare for your eastern brunch for example! And btw.. it is super easy to prepare!



The avocado toast (2pax)

Lemon 1
Smoked salmon 4 slices
Radish  4
Salt and pepper  

Preparation Process

Smash the avocado’s and add some salt and pepper and lemon juice. Take a cracker or toast and put the avocado smash on top. Then add the salmon and some slices of radish. 

Tips and variations

The smoothie on the picture is based on celery, pineapple and spinach.

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