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Sicilian Frittata

Did you know that frittata is officially a dish for the ‘poor people’ from the countryside? Is was made with all the leftovers from day before as they could not afford a new dish on a daily basis.

We eat is just because is it very simple and delicious!  Also kids get a smile on their faces when they get this! What is your favorite way to eat this?


Frittata (2pers)

Eggs 3
Parmesan Cheese A handful
Parsley A bunch
Potato’s 3
Salt & Pepper
Olive oil

Preparation Process

Peel the potato’s and cut them in thin slices. Cook them for a few minutes and after that, fry them in some oil till they are ready. Mix the eggs, cheese, parsley and salt and pepper together and add  to the potato’s and fry for a few minutes.

Tips and variations

You can eat it as:

  • Side dish
  • As a main with a nice salad with tomato’s, onion, paprika, feta, lemon juice, salt and pepper and some olive oil

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