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Curry noodles with shrimps

When we prepared the recipe of the green curry paste this was the first dish we created with it! We love shrimps in our curry and therefore we created this noodle shrimp curry. 

It is easy to prepare and if you do not have time to make your own curry paste you can use a green curry paste from the store. 

Recipe curry paste;



The curry noodles (2pax)

Rice noodles 2 batches 
Homemade  curry paste 1 big spoon
Coconut milk 250 ml
Snow peas 100 gr
Shrimps 200 gr
Salt and pepper  

Preparation Process

Take a big pan and put a little bit of olive oil in there. Add the snow peas and a bit of salt and pepper. Fry the peas for 2 minutes and then add the curry paste. Fry again for 2 minutes and add the coconut milk. Put the fire low and let this simmer. 

Clean the shrimps and add some pepper. Then add them to the curry. 

In between boil some water for the noodles and cook the noodles according the package. 

Add the noodles to the curry and serve with some extra lime.

Tips and variations

You can also use other types of noodles or rice if you prefer. 

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