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Dutch ‘Stamppot’

Do you know the Dutch people have a affinity for mashing?
For those of you unaware of stamppot, it actually combines 2 of the Dutch cooking specialties.  Mashing and boiling.
First you boil the various veggies (potatoes,carrots etc.)
Then mash them, throw a little sausage on the side, and voila, a perfect Dutch meal!
Today we mixed the Dutch potato with andive and some Italian ingredients, we think its a great combo.



Potato’s 500 gr
Andive 125 gr
Chipolata sausage 300 gr
Stock cube 1
Pinenuts 50 gr
Walnuts 50 gr
Sun dried tomato’s Handful
Black olives handful
Cayenne peppers Pinch
Olive oil
Butter 2 spoons

Preparation Process

Peel the potatoes and cook in water with the stock cube. When they ready, remove the water and add the butter. Mash them and put all the other ingredients, the andive needs to be raw  and in small pieces. Grill the nuts and place on top as garnish.

Put some cayenne on the sausage and fry them in some olive oil. 

Tips and variations

You can use any other sausages or prepare a vegetarian dish.

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