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Fennel Lemon Pasta

Another pasta dish for our Friday Pasta Day!

This one fits perfectly in the meatless week. It is a fresh and tasty dish and more important; super easy to prepare!



The Pasta (2pax)

Tagliatelle 200 gr
Fennel 1
Lemon 1
Parmesan cheese 100 gr
Butter 10 gr
Salt and Pepper  
Single cream 100 ml

Preparation Process

Cut the fennel in pieces and fry it in some butter. Add the lemon zest of 1 lemon and some single cream and Parmesan cheese. Let it simmer. Add some pepper. 

Boil the water and add the pasta. Boil the pasta for 8 minutes until al dente. 

Serve the pasta with some extra lemon zest of juice on top as well as some extra pepper and Parmesan cheese. 

If you like 

Tips and variations

If you like you can serve it with some fresh parsley.

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