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Green Vegetarian Risotto

We prepare sooo much risotto. This time we share a green one. It is a vegetarian dish to stimulate the National week without meat in The Netherlands. We are very creative with vegetarian dishes and love to eat food like this, you don’t even notice that you eat vegetarian!

For this recipe you can use our basis risotto recipe. Below we will explain how you get the green look. 




The Green Risotto

Spinach 2 big hands
Olive oil  
Fresh tomato’s 5 small ones
Mozzarella Half a boll

Preparation Process

Take a blender and put the spinach and some olive oil in there. Mix it until you have a smooth mixture. When the risotto is almost ready, you add this and the mozzarella to the risotto and you mix it until everything is nicely green.

Cut the tomato’s in 4 and fry them in some olive oil with some pepper.

Add the tomato’s to the risotto and put it on a plate. Serve with some extra pepper and fresh basil

Tips and variations

Also very tasty with; 

  • Fennel
  • Mushrooms

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