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Stuffed Paprika’s

The funny thing is that in the past, Daughter was not a big fan of paprika’s.. But now, she eats it a lot! This stuffed paprika is super delicious, easy and look’s beautiful on a plate! We served it together with some toast with olive oil, salt and pepper. YUM!



The Paprika’s (2pax)

Paprika’s 1
Rice 1 cup
Minced meat 150 gr
Tomato puree 1 spoon
Tomato’s (small ones) 5
Fresh basil  
Salt and Pepper  
Olive oil extra vergine  
Shallot 1
Parmesan cheese  
Toast Few pieces 

Preparation Process

Boil the rice for 12 minutes.

Cut the shallot very small and fry it in some olive oil. Add the minced meat and put some salt and pepper on it. Add the tomato puree, and cut the tomato’s and add as well. 

When the rice is ready, add it to the meat mixture. 

Cut the top of the paprika off and remove the seeds. Put the mixture into the paprika and add some Parmesan cheese on top. Do this for all the paprika’s. Then put the paprika’s in the oven for 20 minutes on 200 degrees. 

Serve with some bread. 

Tips and variations

You can also add more vegetables like zucchini, peas etc. 

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