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Baked gnocchi with sage

Gnocchi is a super easy and delicious pasta dish. Normally you cook them in water for 3 minutes but you can also bake them. When you do this they get really crunchy and they can get lots of flavors. We added sage, fennel and bacon in then pan and this made use the gnocchi got so much flavor!



The gnocchi (2pax)

Gnocchi 1 package(De Cecco)
Peas 100 gr
Bacon 50 gr
Fennel 1 boll

2 leaves

Olive oil
Salt and Pepper

Preparation Process

Take a big pan and add a layer of olive oil. Then the oil is hot add all the gnocchi together with the sage. Fry for 2 minutes. Cut the fennel and add this together with the fresh or frozen peas in the pan. Put some salt and pepper as well.

Fry the bacon in another pan and remove the oil/fat when ready. 

Add the bacon to the pasta and stir everything together. 

Serve it on a nice plate with some extra fresh pepper.

Tips and variations

You can also add some Parmesan cheese.

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