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Pasta with pistachio pesto

Pesto is a great thing but did you know that you can also make pistachio pesto? A super delicious alternative to create a delicious pasta! 

Make sure you try this soon!



The Pesto

Pistachios  100 gr
Parsley 25 gr
Garlic 1 clove
Salt and pepper  
Olive oil extra vergine 100 ml
Lemon juice 3 spoon
Parmesan cheese 25 gr

Preparation Process

Mix the pistachios in a kitchen blender until it is finely grounded. Add the rest of all the ingredients and mix shortly. Put this in a can and you can save it in the refrigerator. 

Boil some pasta until al dente and add the pesto. Serve with some extra Parmesan cheese.

Tips and variations

Also nice with some fresh tomato’s.

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