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We are big fan's of mushrooms! Mushrooms are there in so many variations that they fit in almost every dish! Portobello's are the biggest types and are delicious when you fill them with meat and vegetables. Below you can find Daughters variations on this beautiful mushroom.


Portobello's (2pax)

Portobello's 4
Minced meat 300 gr
Tomato puree 1 spoon
Paprika 1 (red)
Zucchini 1
Salt / Pepper  
Olive oil  
Mozzarella 1
Basil Few leaves

Preparation Process

Take out the inside of the mushrooms and put it away. Cut the paprika and zucchini in pieces and fry it together with the meat. Add salt, pepper and the tomato puree. Let is simmer for a few minutes.

When the meat it almost ready. Put the meat and vegetables with a spoon into the Portobello's. Place them into a oven dish and put some mozzarella and basil, as well as some extra pepper on top. 

Put them in the oven for 15 minutes on 200 degrees.

Tips and variations

Other variations with meat:

  • Add other nice mushrooms
  • Add eggplant
  • Add spinach
  • You can also leave out the meat and create a vegetation option with some rice.

You can serve this with some rice or couscous

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