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Italian style flat bread

When I (Daughter) saw Lebanese wraps in the super market I could not leave them there. They looked so tasty!

I topped them off in an Italian way with Italian veggies, pesto and mozzarella. Of course you can add any type of veggies you like to create a delicious lunch or dinner.



The Flat breads (2pax)

Lebanese wraps 4
Pesto 4 spoons
Spinach 100 gr
Tomato’s 6 small ones
Paprika 1
Mozzarella 1 boll
Salt and pepper  
Chicken strips 300 gr
Fresh flat parsley A hand 
Paprika powder 2 spoons

Preparation Process

Cut the paprika in strips and fry them in some olive oil with some salt and pepper. Also fry the chicken with some salt and pepper. 

Take the flat breads and put them in a pan with some oil an fry them for 1 minute so they get a little bit of crunch, add some paprika powder on each one while frying. 

Take the flat bread and put some pesto on it. Then add the spinach, paprika, chicken. Cut the tomato’s in 4 and add them as well. You can add the mozzarella on top with some fresh parsley and some extra pepper.

Tips and variations

Other veggies that are great as well;

  • Broccoli asparagus
  • Fennel
  • Mushrooms

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