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Stuffed pointed peppers

This is a fantastic meatless dish! You can fill the peppers with all kind of great ingredients. This type is super saturated but also super healthy!



The stuffed peppers (2pax)

Pointed peppers 2
Zucchini 1
Lentils (ready to use) 1 bag
Shallot 1
Ras  al hanout spices Half a spoon
Pinenuts 1 hand
Feta cheese 50 gr
Salt and Pepper  
Olive oil  

Preparation Process

Clean the paprika and cut it in half. Remove the seeds and place them in a oven dish.
Cut the shallot and the zucchini and fry it in a pan with some olive oil, salt, pepper and ras al hanout. 
Add the lentils later and let it simmer on some low heat for a few minutes. 
Roast the pine nuts for 2 minutes. Be careful, they burn very fast!
Put the veggie mixture into the paprika’s and add some pine nuts and feta cheese on top. 
Put this in the oven for 20 minutes on 180 degrees

Tips and variations

If you like you can also put some extra paprika in to the filling. 

When you have some filling left it is super delicious to eat it as a lunch the next day!

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