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Trofie with pesto, green beans and potato’s

Mommy was in Italy lately and she bought this amazing trofie pasta. Back home in The Netherlands she cooked this delicious dish with the pasta! A nice combination of veggies, potato’s and trofie!


You can use our recipe for green pesto:

Green and Red Pesto


The pasta (4 pax)

Trofie pasts 350 gr
Baby potato’s  200 gr
Green beans 150 gr
Salt and pepper  
Parmesan cheese  

Preparation Process

Prepare the pesto according to the recipe above. 

Boil the potato’s with the skin in water with salt for +-15 minutes. Boil the trofie al dente and boil the green beans for 5 minutes. When ready make sure they are all drained. 

Cut the potato’s in half and mix with the trofie, beans and the pesto. 

Serve with some Parmesan cheese and some extra pepper.

Tips and variations

You can also use other types of pasta like orecchiette. 

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