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Tuna burger with beetroot

Weekends are for burgers! If you like burgers but you want a different variation or a healthier option, then this tuna burger fits your needs!

We prepared this with a beetroot sauce and chips as well as some sweet potato fries.



The Burger

Chickpeas 50 gr
Garlic 1 Clove
Red onions 1
Egg 1
Oatmeal 25 gr
Tuna 1 can
smoked beet (packaged) 100 gr
Ketchup 50 gr
Butter 1 spoon
Lettuce 40 gr
Cucumber in slices 50 gr
Tomato in slices 50 gr
Pickles in slices 30 gr

The Sweet potato fries 

Sweet potato 1
Cornstarch 2 spoons
Water 2 spoons
Cajun 3 spoons
Paprika powder 2 spoons
Salt & oil  

Preparation Process

Put the chickpeas, garlic, onion, egg and oatmeal in a blender and mix it. Add the tuna pieces with olive oil to this mixture. Knead burgers from this mixture. puree the beetroots with the ketchup. 

Heat up the butter in a pan and fry the burgers on both sides for 8 minutes in total. 

Take some breads and put some beetroot ketchup on both sides. Add the lettuce, tomato, cucumber and pickles on the breads. Put on top the tuna burgers.

To prepare some fries:

Cut the sweet potato’s in fries sizes and clean them. Make a mixture of 2 spoons of cornstarch and 2 spoons of water. Make sure all the fries are covered with some cornstarch mixture and let it dry until it is hard. Put some oil over the fries and place them on a backing tray. Put some cajun powder, paprika powder and salt over the fries and put them in the oven for 30 minutes on 200 degrees. 

Tips and variations

You can serve any other types of vegetables like mushrooms as well.

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