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HomemadeTuna Pizza

Homemade pizza is the best! This tuna pizza is real comfort food to eat during the weekend. We love to bake our homemade pizza dough. You can use this recipe of buy a pizza crust from the store. 



The Pizza (2 pizza’s) 

Flour  250 gr
Instant yeast 3.5 gr
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Salt A pinch
Lukewarm water 150 ml
Olive oil 3.5 spoons
Tomato sauce 100 gr
Mozzarella 1 boll
Caper 2 hands
Peas 2 hands
Olives 2 hands

Tuna (we use Rio Mare or Princes)

1 can 

Preparation Process

Sieve the flour above a bowl and add the salt and mix. Put the yeast in a bowl with the sugar and 50 ml water and mix until you have a smooth mixture. Then add this to the flour and mix with a kitchen machine. Add the rest of the water and the olive oil and knead with the kitchen machine until you have an elastic dough. 

Put a bit of flour on your kitchen surface and take your dough. Knead and roll the dough with your hands to get it more smooth. Create a nice ball of the dough and oil the inside of a bowl with olive oil. Place the dough ball in this bowl and cover with foil. Let this rise for 1 hour. 

After 1 hour knead again and make a ball and let it rise for another 30 minutes. 

Divide the dough in 2 balls and roll it out until you have 2 pizza crusts. Make sure the dough is equally thick. 

Cover the dough with the tomato sauce first and then the rest of the ingredients. Place the mozzarella on top. 

Put the pizza in the oven for 15 minutes on 220 degrees.

Tips and variations

The pizza’s get more crunchy when you use a pizza stone in the oven. 

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