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Filled Avocado

A delicious Meatless Monday lunch here! This is one of the easiest recipes on our website but a super tasty one! Because.. Who doesn’t like avocado’s?!



The Avocado (for 1 avocado

Avocado 1
Black olives 7
Cherry tomato’s 7
Goat cheese balls Hand full
Orange 1/4 of the orange
Olive oil  
Salt and Pepper  

Preparation Process

Cut the avocado in half and remove the seed. Take out small balls of the avocado with a ice ball spoon for example. 

Cut the cherry tomato’s and olives  in pieces and mix this with the goat cheese balls.

Make a dressing with the olive oil, salt, pepper and the juice of 1/4 orange.

Put everything back in the empty avocado and serve with the dressing on top. 

Tips and variations

You can also create a salad from this with some rocket salad for example. 

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