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An Affogato is an Italian coffee-based dessert. Affogato means  “drowned”.
We took a scoop of vanilla ice cream and top it of with a hot espresso.
Today we topped it with  a mix of melted butter en  chocolate . And decorated it with a crushed amaretto-cookie
Serve with a cantuccini-cookie , which you can dip into the coffee 😉
Your guest will be for sure flabbergasted by this amazing after diner drink / dessert!


Affogato (1pax)

Vanilla ice cream 1 scoop
Espresso 1
Amaretti cookie 2
Chocolate 1 small piece
Butter 1 spoon

Preparation Process

Melt the chocolate and butter. Prepare the espresso and place an bowl of icecream into this cup. Put on top the chocolate/butter and top it of with some crushed cookies.

Tips and variations

You can also add some liqueur.

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