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Limoncello Semifreddo

This is a perfect summer dessert! We love lemon and Limoncello and therefore we create a lot of pastries and dessert with this ingredient. A semifreddo is not difficult to prepare and is a nice dessert when you have to cook for a group of people. One ice cake serves around 12 people!



The Semifreddo

Lemons 3
Sugar 100 gr + 4 spoons
Limoncello 150 ml
Cream cheese 250 gr
Mascarpone 250 gr
Long biscuits (In Dutch: Lange vingers!) 2 packs 
Lemon curd 325 gr

Preparation Process

Rasp 2 lemons and take out all the lemon juice form these 2 lemons. Put the zest and juice in a bowl with 4 spoons of sugar and the limoncello. 

Mix in another bowl the mascarpone, cream cheese and lemon curd.

Take a cake spring form and make sure you place some foil in the form. Check the picture; you need to have a lot of foil outside the form as well.

Put the ‘Lange vingers’ biscuits into the limoncello mixture and place them on the bottom of the form. Put half of the mascarpone mixture on top and create another layer like this. Close off with the biscuits. 

Close the semifreddo with the extra foil and put it in the fridge for at least 6 hours.

Cut the zest of the last lemon in very thin slices and take out the juice as well. Put the juice and zest in a pan with the 100 gr sugar and let it cook for 5 minutes. 

Take the semi-freddo out of the fridge for at least 15 minutes before consuming, otherwise it is to hard to cut. Cut the semi-freddo and add some of the lemon syrup on top. 

Tips and variations

You can also serve it with some fresh mint.

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