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Amaretti-white chocolate cake

This cake is delicious during every period of the year and is super easy to prepare! It has Amaretti cookies inside as well as white chocolate! Very nice to eat during your afternoon coffee.



The Dough

Self raising flour 300 gr
Sugar 100
White chocolate (melted) 150 gr
Butter (melted) 185 gr
Milk 310 ml
Eggs 3
Vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
Amaretti cookies (crumbled) 160 gr
Pistachio nuts (crumbled) 100 gr

Preparation Process

Mix the flour, sugar, melted chocolate, butter, milk, eggs and vanilla in a bowl until is it a light and fluffy mixture. Cut the Amaretti cookies and nuts in small pieces. 

Pour half of the mixute in the oiled form and put the cookies and nut on top. Then pour the other half of the mixture into the form. 

Put the cake in the oven for 45 minutes on 180 degrees. When ready let it cool down until you remove the form, otherwise is can stick to the form. 

Tips and variations

On top you can put a powder of Amaretti crumbs (mix some cookies in a blender) 

We served it as well with a pistachio paste. You can buy this in your supermarket. 

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