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Cheesecake – Easter

We all love cheesecake! You can bake so many different types of cheesecakes that you can create a lot for each occasion. We prepared this cheesecake for Easter, it looks super funny and really happy isn’t it?

Do you also bake cheesecakes for a lot of different occasions?



The Cheesecake

Biscuits  200 gr
Butter 50 gr
Mandarin juice 50 ml
Sugar 100 gr
Eggs 3
Milk 50 ml
Sour creme  125 ml
Flour 2 spoons
Whipped creme 250 ml
Advocaat  35 cl
Cream cheese light 800 gr 
Klopfix 8 gr

Preparation Process

Make a crumbs of the biscuits and mix it with the melted butter. 

Mix the cheese and sugar with a kitchen machine. Add the milk and eggs and mix. Then add the sour creme and mandarin juice. 

Take a pie form of 24 cm and place some baking paper inside. Then pour the mixture into the form. 

Put this in the oven for 50 minutes on 175 degrees. Let the pie cool down in the (closed) oven as well.  

For the topping:

Take your whipping cream, some Advocaat and a bit of klopfix and mix it until you get a good whipping cream. Then put this in a pipping bag and create some nice decorations on top of the pie. 

We added some Easter chocolates to make is look more like Easter. 

Tips and variations

If you want you can also decorate the pie with more (melted) chocolate. Chocolate is a perfect fit with this pie. 

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