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We both had never baked donuts before. Daughter always wanted to do this so when she saw an donuts challenge on Instagram she took the challenge.

I (Daughter) really underestimated this dough.. It is sticky and can be difficult to get is elastic. Also you need to make sure that your oil is not too high in temperature, they get brown really fast.

Hereby our recipe of the donuts! Are you also taking this challenge?



The Dough

Yeast 10 gr
Water 60 ml
Milk 250 ml
Melted butter 100 gr
Sugar 3 spoons
Flour 600 gr
Eggs 3
Oil to fry 1 liter

The topping

Sugar 100 gr
Cinnamon 4 spoons
Chocolate Any type you want – 300 gr

Preparation Process

Mix the yeast, water, milk and 1 spoon of sugar together. Let this rest for 10 minutes. The yeast will be activated and you will see some bubbles.

Mix the flour, melted butter, eggs and the rest of the sugar with the yeast mixture. Knead this on a floured surface and let the dough rest for 45 minutes in an oiled bowl covered with a cloth. 

The size of the dough is doubled and you need to knead now very well. Make sure it get’s elastic.

Role out the dough till you have a plate of 1 cm thick. Create round and remove the middle. Let the donuts rest for another 30 minutes under a cloth. 

Then, heat up the oil and fry the donuts in the oil on both sides until brown. This can be really fast so keep an eye on that! 

If you want to have cinnamon sugared donuts, place the donuts immediately after frying in the sugar mixture. Because they are hot, the sugar will stick on the donuts.

When you want to decorate them with chocolate, wait until the donuts are cooled down. Melt chocolate au bain marie and place the donuts in the chocolate.

Tips and variations


  • If you have a frying pan, use that! Use it on 180 degrees.
  • Knead very well!
  • Let is rest longer if you think the dough is not yet doubled its size.

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