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Halloween Carrot-Walnut Muffins

Today it's Halloween! What a nice excuse to prepare some delicious muffins. The taste of the carrots and walnuts can go perfectly with the candy on this muffin. The glaze is in Halloween style, but In my opinion you can make those muffins for every national holiday.. 😉


The Muffin

Coco's oil 250 ml
Dark caster sugar 150 gr
Eggs 3
Self raising flower 175 gr
Baking soda 1 ts
Nutmeg 1 pinch
Cinnamon 1 pinch
Ginger poweder 1 pinch
salt 1 pinch
Walnuts 110 gr
Raisins (soaked in water and dried after 50 gr
Carrots (grated) 225 gr

The Filling

Butter 25 gr
Powered sugar 150 gr
Cream cheese 300 gr
Walnuts (in total) 75 gr

Preparation Process

Mix the oil and sugar till a sleek mixture and then add the eggs and mix again.  Add the flower, baking soda,  spices and salt via a sieve into the mixture, then add the walnuts, carrots and raisins and mix everything good.

Put the dough into small cup cake forms and bake for 25-30 minutes into a 170 degrees preheated oven.


Rap the butter and powdered sugar till it's fluffy, then add the cream cheese to it.

Tips and variations

  • You can also make one big pie out of it, when using a cake form.
  • For the Halloween decorations we used some 'pepernoten', and licorice. For creating the spider web we used chocolate.

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