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Healthy Brownie

Can a brownie be healthy? YES! This one contains no added suger, so you can eat this as a snack without guild. Next the that, it is also super easy to prepare, only 20 minutes of work, and you can already enjoy your brownie!


The brownie:

(Spelt or Buckwheat) flower 240
Baking powder  15 gr
Eggs 4
Dairy spread (from supermarket) 250 gr
Sugar free sweeter like Stevia  2 spoons
Dark 75% chocolate 300 gr
Cacao powder 55 gr

Preparation Process

Put all the ingredients together and mix this with a kitchen machine  for a few minutes. Break some of the chocolates in small pieces and put it into the mixture. Pour the mixture into a ‘normal’ brownie size form and put it in the oven for 20 minutes on 200 degrees.

When the brownie is ready, melt the dark 75 chocolate au-bain-marie and place it on top of the brownie. Let it cool down. 


Tips and variations

If you want to have a gluten free brownie, use the buckwheat flour

We used the ‘Kook Chocolade’ 75% from Verkade. You can buy this in any Dutch supermarket. 

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