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You love them or you hate them.. They taste so good but they are so frustrated to bake. Although the difficulties, it is worth baking them once in a while.. 

We tried again and this time we baked raspberry Macarons including 1 very big one! We filled it with a raspberry cream and fresh raspberries. 



The Macaron

Almond flour 200 gr
Powdered sugar 200 gr
Pigment (powder)  
Egg whites 150 gr
Water  55 ml
Sugar 200 gr
Salt A pinch

The Filling

Raspberries 150 gr
Sugar 1 spoons
Lemon juice 0.5 lemon
Bakers cream / butter cream From the store

Preparation Process

Put the almond flour, powdered sugar, pigment and half of the egg whites in a big bowl and mix this until it is a mass. 

Put the water with the sugar in a pan and let it boil 

Put the other half of the egg whites in a bowl and mix with the kitchen machine. When the egg whites start being a mess, add the sugar syrup to the egg whites Keep mixing this egg mixture until it has cooled down. 

Mix 1/3 of the egg whites with the flour mixture. When this is mixed add the rest. Mix until everything is mixed and has a good structure (It can drop from a spoon slowly) 

Put this mixture into a piping bag with a hole of 1 cm. Make Macarons of 3,5 cm on some baking paper. 

Press the baking tray with the Macarons hard on the desk so all air can be removed out of the mixture. 

Leave this mixture for 1 hour in your kitchen until it is dry (When you tough it you finger will not get dirty). Then bake the Macarons in 14-18 minutes on 150 degrees. 

Open the oven after every 10 minutes to remove all the steam

For the filling:

Add the raspberries, sugar and lemon juice in a pan and let it boil for 2 minutes. Press the mixture through a sieve so seeds stay behind. Let it cool down.

Mix this mixture through the bakers cream/ butter cream. Put this in a piping bag and add the mixture on the Macarons. Then add a Macaron on top of one with filling. 

Tips and variations

We made one big Macaron. When you want to do this, you can use the same recipe. Then add also fresh raspberries on the filling before adding the other big Macaron on top. 

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