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Watermelon snack

What is better than eating fruit in the summer?! Fruit is the best snack ever and we especially love melons!

Watermelon is super delicious during the summer months as well as gold kiwi’s! To make sure also your kids want to eat fruit as a snack make this melon tarts. Super easy and super cool.



The watermelon tarts

Watermelon 1
Kiwi 2
Blueberries 2 hands
Lemon 1

Preparation Process

Cut the water melon in slices and then in pizza shapes. Peal the kiwi and cut in slices as well. Place the kiwi on top of the melon pizzas and add some blueberries, lemon juice and some sprinkles to make it fun!

Tips and variations

You can also use other fruit like banana, strawberries, grapes etc!

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