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Nachos with chorizo and tomato

We love to eat nachos when we have a drink on a terrace in the sun. Nachos are real comfort food and perfect for a Mexican aperitivo!



The Nachos (2bowls)

Nacho chips 1 bag
Grated cheese 2 hands
Chorizo 0.5 sausage
Tomato 2
Red pepper 1

Preparation Process

Cut the tomato and chorizo in small pieces. Fry the chorizo for a few minutes in a pan and let them dry on some paper to remove the oil.  Cut the pepper  in rings and remove the seeds.

Put the chips in a bowl and add the tomato, chorizo and pepper. mix it a bit and cover is with the cheese.

Put it in the oven for 15 minutes on 180 degrees.

Tips and variations

You can add a guacamole or sour creme dip as well.

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