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Green and Red Pesto

We eat pesto almost with everything. It is definately one of our favorite sauces. 

Red pesto is  little bit less popular than the the green one but it is super tasty as well! You can eat both on breads, toasts, wraps, and as sauce for a lot of things. Also it is really nice with chicken from the oven or just as a classic pasta pesto!



Green pesto

Fresh basil leaves 3 full hands
Pine nuts 30 gr
Parmesan cheese 30 gr
Olive oil  
Salt and pepper  
Garlic 1 clove

Red Pesto

Grilled red paprika 1
Pine nuts 30 gr
Garlic 1 clove
Sun dried tomato’s
Salt and pepper  
Olive oil  

Preparation Process

Green Pesto:

Fry the pine nuts in a pan until they are a bit brown. Then put everything in a blender and mix it until you have a smooth sauce. When it is too thick you can add more olive oil.

Red pesto;

Fry the paprika in olive oil in a pan. Also fry the pine nuts in another pan. Then add everything in a blender and mix it. You can add more olive oil when it is too thick.

Tips and variations

Service with some bread, mozzarella and fresh tomato’s for a delicious caprese. 

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