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Gevulde speculaas

During the Dutch celebration ‘Sinterklaas’ The Dutchies love to eat pepernotes, speculaas and more. This stuffed ‘speculaas’ with almond paste is one of our favorites and a lovely snack to eat with your cup of tea.

It is really easy to prepare and with this recipe you have enough for 10 persons.


The speculaas

Self raising flower 300 gr
Dark caster sugar 150 gr
Speculaas kruiden 2 spoons
Salt  A pinch
Cold butter 120 gr
Milk 7 spoons
Water 20 ml
Egg 1
Almond paste 250 gr
Almonds 1 hand

Preparation Process

Put the flour, sugar, salt, speculaas herbs in a bowl. Add the butter and milk and mix with a kitchen machine. When it is too dry you can add a little bit more milk. 

Take half of the dough and roll it out on a floured surface. Place this dough in the oiled baking tray. 

Take a bowl and add the almond paste and 20 ml of water together and knead. When you mix this with water it is more smooth and easy to use.

Add the almond flour in the dough and roll the rest of the dough flat as well. Add this dough on top of the almond paste.

Bread a egg and mix this with 1 spoon of milk. Cover the speculaas with this mixture so that it will get a nice crunch and shine. Add some almonds on top to decorate it.

Put this in the oven on 180 degrees for 35 minutes. Let cool down before consuming. 

Tips and variations

Also delicious when you serve it as a dessert with some vanilla ice cream

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